After independently traveling the globe for one year...

...performing 34 acts of service in my "34tunate" year of life, I was impressed by the desires of so many people to help but was surprised by the lack of direction to do so.

This, coupled with the resounding realization that “no one has nothing” sparked the 4tunate movement. What started with the simple act of encouraging friends and family to focus on the positives by posting things on social media using the #4tunate hashtag – specifically at the end of each week on #4tunateFriday – has now turned into an entire movement that schools, organizations, and corporations are jumping on board to participate.

At its core, the 4tunate movement reminds everyone to focus on "the have" instead of "the have not’s" and to pay-it-forward through service work. Participants in the movement sign up and commit to a minimum of 4 acts of service per year. This quantifiable commitment is not only attainable, but impactful to the participant and those being served.

  • Alaina Costa
    4tuante is very valuable. Its good to learn to volunteer your time and resources at a young age. It builds character and kindness.
    Alaina Costa
  • Charlene Selina
    We tend to forget how 4tunate we all are and I appreciate that this helps remind our children.
    Charlene Selina
  • Parent of Participant
    The children learned so much about how great and rewarding it is to help others in need and learned about what it is like to have experienced a traumatic experience in their lives. It was a humbling experience.
    Parent of Participant
  • Parent of Participant
    All schools should join! It will bring attention to all kids – big and small – what is happening with other parts of the world and show them how we all need to help.
    Parent of Participant
  • Nancy P.
    I believe this fits in well with the county and community saying "character counts"...this is an excellent way to build character!
    Nancy P.
  • Amanda Wolf
    Tracy's 4tunate message and program are unique and valuable in helping our children see the importance and joy of giving back to their school, their community and their world. They learned that there are always blessings to be counted no matter your circumstances and that they are capable of making a difference in others lives.
    Amanda Wolf
  • Keller
    We learned that we are really 4tunate to have all this stuff and that lots of other people don't have a lot of stuff but they are still 4tunate. It was really fun and really interesting and my class liked it a lot!
    3rd grade student
  • Shawn Wehan
    Tracy is an absolute inspiration and an outside-the-box thinker who is modeling a purposeful life of immense service. Her unique adventure serving the "community of the world" is not just a motivational metaphor, it’s an authentic course for all of us to follow.
    Shawn Wehan
    Givsum and Future Leaders of Our Community
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How much more "4tunate" would we be if we did 1 thing every 3 months to serve others? The impact would be HUGE!


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